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The best alternatives to video telephony November 20, 2014

This morning, you already introduced Kamal Eric Schmidt’s Guide, for all users who want to switch from iPhone to Android devices. Many of these users will notice it after the first steps with a Android device that does not exist FaceTime for Android. With facetime for windows owners have a free VoIP app that allows video calls by front camera on your smartphone (from iPhone 4), or iPad (from iPad 2) and iPod Touch conduct (4th generation). If you switch from Apple to an Android device, therefore, arises frequently when setting up the question of whether there is FaceTime for Android.

If you search the Google Play Store to FaceTime for Android, you “FaceTime Trendy Plus and” Face Time Clock only receives Apps widget as a result. However, both are apps that have absolutely nothing with FaceTime except the name on the hat.

Even if there is no FaceTime for Android, so there are plenty of alternatives that do not need to hide from the functions of video calling app. Most of the presented work even apps across platforms, so that you can make calls between Android and Apple devices back and forth easily. An optimal FaceTime alternative for Android is Skype. Skype is already on the PC, one of the meistverwendetsten applications in general and also enjoys great popularity on portable devices. With Skype for Android you can connect between PC, Apple, Android, Windows Phones calls etc. and works both in the WLAN, as well as in the mobile radio network.

Of course, Google sends for the Android operating system also has its own representative in the race as FaceTime replacement. Google Hangouts can also use it on Android devices, as well as on desktop computers. For a large number of purchase smartphones Google Hangouts is already pre-installed (and can without root often not be deleted …). Unlike FaceTime Google Hangouts works not only on one platform, namely Android, but also iPhone and iPad users access to video calling. In addition, calls can be made with Google Hangouts and outside of a Wi-Fi network further. As the video platform YouTube also uses Google Hangouts to connect directly to Google+. A similar account is provided accordingly.

FaceTime Alternatives for Android: Viber

Another FaceTime for Android Viber alternative is also this chat tool is available for free in the Google Play Store. Besides being able to communicate via instant messaging in text form with your friends you can mitViber in conjunction with a front camera phone and video chat.

Price: Free

The tools mentioned here are for many users now also a welcome alternative WhatsApp after it last was talk of a defective WhatsApp security again.

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Mobile Messaging for 300 million people Were There A Safe App November 14, 2014

300 million people around the world type messages and send pictures through a single app. WhatsApp has changed communication in the world. Who has not WhatsApp on their smartphone is out, all relationships are made part of WhatsApp dependent and who is watching the kids today, notes that will permanently typed on a smartphone is what keeps the stuff.

It is this app with their prevalence regularly in the media. “Serious security gaps in WhatsApp -can you read it again and again. Okay. The kids will probably continue to get WhatsApp for annealing, because it just everyone uses and because it is hipster. But for many users, the buzz words “NSA spying naked citizen and not just buzz words. Encourage you to think and to solve immediately the need for privacy and (data) safety. And when times just Vodafone and 2 million customers data were hacked, then we want even more security.

The safe alternative to WhatsApp? Threema for Android and iOS

On the subject of security with guaranteed end-to-end encryption Threema from Switzerland to finally bring peace of mind and absolute security. For 2 euros scarce the app from the iTunes store or Google’s store is available. The large sub Scheid to all other popular messaging apps? Even the admin should have absolutely no ability to read the text messages, photos, videos and GPS locations.

The handling and operation of Threema much like every other mobile messaging apps. But the technical background with asymmetric encryption, scanning QR codes from personally known contacts and manual options to share or can add contacts its contact with Threema in any case prevents forwarding of unwanted co-users, to companies or even to monitoring services, such as the NSA.

Multi-messenger app “Disa for WhatsApp, SMS and Facebook and more

Disa want to create the jump to unite all relevant messaging services. promises that you can centrally WhatsApp, SMS, MMS, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Kik and Co. can use on the Disa Apps. This could trigger a new communications revolution, since many use just next to WhatsApp also other messaging services or different friends use different messaging apps. Disa combines all this now? Cool thing! A single multi-messaging app arise according Disa other advantages. The battery life should be stable cost -An app, a process and not a multiple usage of system resources, the battery. In addition, should one each messaging service can assign a color, so you can see who writes what app. To communicate with the same friend on different services should not be a problem. Subject to availability Disa switcht automatically between services back and forth.

WhatsApp: German with over 20 million users on all mobile operating systems

Facebook Messenger: News service for mobile phone of Facebook

iMessage: Apple’s Messenger service for all iOS devices with integration

kik for mac: with over 80 million users worldwide, for all mobile operating systems

Snapchat: Real-time photo-chat for iOS and Android devices

ooVoo video calls, and messages in a language app for desktop + mobile devices

Google Hangouts: News and Video Calls for desktop + mobile devices

Threema: new and NSA secure Messenger App

: Alternative to Threema, Web browser and Windows Mobile available

 : Chic and minimalist app for iOS and Android

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Group Policy Preferences and the Internet Explorer 11 November 13, 2014

With Windows Server 2012 R2 8.1 and a new version of RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) was provided.

The new RSAT GPMC this provides some (albeit minor) new features.

Important changes (in terms of GPPs):

“TCP / IP Printer” Preferences now support IPv6

The IP Address Range Targeting now supports IPv6

The “VPN connection” network options now support IPv6

As I reported in this post, in the generated XML file, a version number is stored. This entry specifies the minimum and maximum version number of IE for this XML file is valid.

Creating a temporary “Internet Explorer 10″ Preference, the entry max = “” in the XML file is written.

Consequently, the IE 10 Preferences are also valid for the IE 11!

This does not mean that automatically all new settings of IE 11 is included in the IE 10 Preferences.

ADMX settings for IE 11

For the 11 new IU Administrative Templates have appeared.

Should you a Central Store for ADMX templates your use, it is recommended to update this if necessary.

A good guide for this can be found here:

MVP “Jeremy Moskowitz” has created a “Pak for Internet Explorer”, which supports the Internet Explorer 11. This software offers additional features that are not possible with the regular Group Policy Preferences (eg hide all IE configuration tabs).

Internet Explorer Maintenance

Just like for the Internet Explorer For Mac is considered “Internet Explorer Maintenance is dead”. This CSE is extinct (quite rightly) and is no longer under the IE 11 available. Look also please the last post for the IE 10 at once.

Therefore continues to apply to the IE 11, you have to gather together the appropriate settings. In general, this results in a mix of:

Internet Settings – Group Policy Preferences

IEAK – Internet Explorer Administration Kit

Registry – Group Policy Preferences

If necessary, 3rd party tools (such as “PolicyPak”)

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Effective Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram October 4, 2014

Ive-got-sunshine-on-a-cloudy-day.-Photo-InstagramDid you know that … … Justin Bieber (Username: swagisme) he has gained about 95,000 followers on Instagram in a matter of weeks.

A social network to share photos online, Instagram has changed our pictures really the way to manage people and share. After recording, you can filter or effects to photos and apply them. Instagram on your profile and other social networks like Facebook and Twitter Other social networks like Instagram allows users to like and comment on photos, follow a person and see their files regularly.
Instagram is first created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger for the iPhone and iPod, but soon on the 3rd April 2012, the Android version was released (which was downloaded a million times in less than a day). In 2012, was acquired by Facebook Instagram for about $ 1 billion. Today, this social network has over 30 million accounts with more than 150 million photo files. So, how sure popularity and more followers on Instagram? Here are some ways you can do just that.
10 ways to get more followers Instagram

Good or rather large photo gallery

Instagram is all about the pictures and of course the best and most obvious way to get more followers is. By uploading beautiful pictures with some great effects The image must be attractive, interesting and touching a chord in the viewer. Redundant pictures of your dinner, your cat or your dog very cute, or normal, everyday things are not very interesting. While people do, such as personal photos, not be a show-off. (The placement of the photos from his luxury car and yacht are not really necessary) is important to understand that people want beautiful photos, often artistic. Therefore, it is best selective about the images that can put you on Instagram are. To get a better idea of ​​what does get in Instagram, check the best photos in the “popular” tab to see the pictures to look good with a large percentage of viewers in Instagram work.
You can also favorite photos with analysis tools such as shows that receive your favorite photos the “Like” over time, and received the most comments.

Use appropriate filter

One of the many functions of Instagram is the range of options it offers. In a few clicks, your photo looking to drab into something very elegant and stylishly converted. There are filters that add an effect of black and white, a golden light, vintage or muted colors, different contrasts and rich colors and shadows on the elements in the photograph. However, use of filters is imperative. For example, Lomo-fi
is a popular filter for photos on the food. The saturated colors and shadows added to the food very tasty. The filter speckled
adds a touch of anxiety due to the use of purple and brown in it. Other popular filters are:


Combine your photos

Some of the popular Instagram images are to be combined. There are many software tools such as Pico-stitch
or Diptic
That allow you to create a beautiful collage in a few simple steps. These can be family photos, pictures of you in different moods or photos of your pets.
A collage of images with powerful drive, as it is a beautiful story. More fascinated viewers and therefore more likely to cause a reaction and gain more followers. It is important to ensure that all images are of high quality and not blurry.

Connect with Facebook

To achieve one of the easiest way to glory Instagram, is by connecting with Facebook Instagram
. How it works? Well, a part of the Facebook Instagram now, to link all activities on Instagram sent automatically on Facebook wall accounts. So every time you know a photo or a photo Instagram to get Facebook friends him. This creates a larger fan base and gives your mind the needed exposure in a popular social network.
Can even apart from Facebook to share your photos on other popular social networks like Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr and Flickr.

Invite friends from other networks

A simple way to get more followers plays in its existing base of supporters from other networks. Click the “Find Friends” to add friends from popular social networks like Facebook
and Twitter
, Or you can find in your e-mail address. Select contacts by clicking the “Invite Friends” on the to select contacts from your address book. Send an e-mail invite to join Instagram.

Hashtags are the way Popularity

If you’re on Twitter, then you probably know about this. Hashtags allow Instagram users to tag and categorize content. For example, you can take #cute a picture of a basket full of kittens adorable and popular add appear after a hashtag in thousands, lie in the day-side. This increases the likelihood that your photo of thousands of users daily Instagram views. Some of the most popular hashtags are:

A quick tip is to refrain from exaggeration or rather the overuse of hashtags. To use relevant hashtags is best.

Geotag Photos

As hashtags geotags can help gather a strong fan base. For photography buffs, add it to the photo files that were released from the same place.
Photos can be a popular landmark or a place that you visit often. This allows you to attract the attention of users to detect local peers in the surveillance.

Like and comment on other photos

If you want to be popular, it is imperative to get out and interact with other users in social networks. In the same rule applies Instagram, so if you need more likes and followers, then you need to receive and comment on other images. Whether you follow the other person or not. In fact, Random tastes different accounts generated taste of the other. Instead of joy, is a better way to get the attention of a person, if you have comments or complete the picture. Leave your comment is genuine and mentioned what you like about the image, for example, if it’s fun or was interesting. The reason why people now that again continue or to discuss their photos, because when an image recorded by a random user and liked it tends to show gratitude back to them.
This does not mean that you have to follow a large group of people at random. Find profiles, the good pictures that you like and follow. Write comments, rather than real spam comments.

It is the key for the popularity

Have a photo print by 3 clock in the night when the rest of the world is busy sleeping? Well, in this case, you are bound to lose in the new followers who might be interested to see your picture. People are more likely to consider their Instagram accounts first thing in the morning or on the way back from work. So try to images in these hours, to encourage more spectators.

Keep your mind open to the public

Go to the settings page after you have logged into your Instagram account to see if you are “private photos” option toggle in the Privacy section deselect. This allows other users see, and Instagram Photos received without their permission.

There are a number of websites that offer the opportunity to “Instagram Followers” immediately. Unfortunately, what people do not know is that no site has the ability to add real followers to your profile as they are using an Instagram followers hack. So, if you are only adding “bots” to your list of followers automated for them. While you can make your profile attractive with a huge fanbase for a limited time, finally, it will only reduce the value of your account. Although the tips and tricks about not getting a huge list of followers immediately, eventually, you are sure to get a good fan base.

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The Way Hair Salons Manage Facebook Pages

Countless Hair & Beauty salons now have Facebook pages, and most get it either bad or very bad.
So you can have a look at some of the pages, Facebook Top Hair Salon – What are the common problems?
* Lack of time – salon owners have faced daily interruptions during Enless often their own salon customers
! An unfinished Facebook page – were launched, the Facebook and then "wait" for people to find their hair salon it
To bring publishers every day for a week and then for months to silence – effort -Inconsistent
Procuring, selling, sell – Hair Salon Facebook page is a conversation with the customer is not a selling point
With more than 10,000 fans Voodou Liverpool Studios has one of the busiest Salon Facebook page. Also a good score for regular and interesting walls – that's what makes people "like" the page salon.
Regular news, images and messages Hair Salon Russell Eaton give Leeds an interesting page with over 1,500 fans. They hope to double their Facebook fans this year.
With over 3,700 Chicago Male Salon fans have another great salon Facebook page. Impressive images, good deals for customers and daily updates – this page is the place.

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